I will always be grateful for the multitudes of talents shared with BNOX and will always remember the feeling of witnessing the thousands upon thousands of smiles and excitement the artistry of our jewelers and artists have brought to the counter before me. Honestly, the smiles that have been a part of so many commemorative and bright moments have been the absolute best part of my BNOX gallery career . The stories I have are unbelievable! The 21 enjoyable years of representing exquisitely designed and highly crafted workmanship and assisting our many fascinating and kind customers has brought lasting joy to my heart that will remain until my end.   Thank you.

I am presently looking for a jeweler to purchase BNOX. It has been a wonderful 21 years, but my family has evolved and so have I, leaving me ready for a change in career (sort of). I hope to move my studio to my home, and make some jewelry there while enjoying the sweet craziness of my 3 young “bear cubs”.


                     Studio/Gallery With a VIEW ~ 404 First St ~FOR SALE  $154,000.00

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